Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Social Learning Theory

The social learning theory is based around the idea that students learn best when they are creating an artifact of learning while working in cooperative groups. Through the social interaction students are able to share ideas, work through their understandings through discussion and hands on activities and come away with a greater understanding of new knowledge and the task at hand. It is imperative for educators to structure learning around the idea of collaboration due to the ever changing and fast paced world we are living in (Pitler, Hubbell, Kuhn & Malenoski, 2007).

There are countless learning opportunities that follow the framework of the social learning theory. Technology broadens the amount of activities that are possible. Personally I enjoy the idea of making movies. This type of activity with the proper planning and understanding leads right into collaboration. Given a breakdown of responsibilities, a rubric and content to cover (as well as the technology) students will be able to work in small groups. Some tasks require a individual to complete while other times the whole group in necessary.

In my classroom we make movies using the imovie program. Over the past few month we have been turning our writing workshop pieces into movies. In the beginning I walked each student through the process with the help of my classroom paras. This month I am planning on having my students work in small groups of two to complete the projects. Each student has already written their story. Their partner will then have to read through the story and make suggestions for changes either to the pictures or the story. Then they will work together to photograph the pictures and upload them to the computer. They will have to work collaboratively to record the telling of the story, to add in the background music, frame the shots, etc. to create a finished product. I feel that with the individual work we have done throughout the year and the help that the partners will provide, the students will successfully create their movies.

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  1. Wow! I am sure your students love to do this. I know I would. Telling a story can take so many forms. Adding images and music to the story line only helps making it come alive. Do you find that students have to work harder at writing a good story so that it can look good on film? I'm curious,

    Nancy C.